Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Context Mapping

Context mapping is how we describe ourselves visually. Context mapping can help others depict relationships individuals have, roles in their lives and the ability to gain knowledge about other people. Who are you?

I am........

Achieved Identity: An identity defined and shaped by prior experiences. These experiences include past, present and future roles. 

Foreclosed Identity: An identity described as having a natural need or want without putting much thought or research behind it.

Moratorium: An identity shaped by life decisions, events and experiences. 

Diffuse Identity: An identity that changes often. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Youth Development Ideology Horoscope

Youth Development Ideology Horoscope

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Youth workers guide and work with youth in a variety of ways. While some youth workers assume the role of a positive leader or mentor, others youth workers may allow youth to lead to discussions, ideas, and foster youth empowerment.

According to the Youth Development Ideology Horoscope, there are three main concepts of how youth workers work with youth. These three concepts include:
1. Risk, Resiliency and Prevention
2. Positive Youth Development
3. Critical Youth Development

After taking the Inventory Quiz, I classified myself as a positive youth development worker.

Positive Youth Development workers "focus on fostering strengths and positive growth." I definitely value and agree with these results. As a youth worker, I am constantly pointing out youth strengths and the positive differences they are making within their communities, Positive reinforcement is a part of positive youth development. It is important for youth workers to always speak to youth in a positive way even in difficult situations.  I am a firm believer that pointing out a youths strengths empowers youth to work harder and decreases negative behaviors. Every child has values and "assets" that should be empowered.