Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Construction of Adolescence

“We do not construct our life stories on our own.  We are, rather, in a constant state of co-creating who we are with the people with whom we are in closest connection and within those contexts that hold the most meaning for our day to day existence."
-Nakkula and Toshalis

In The Construction of Adolescence, Nakkula and Toshalis, discuss adolescent development, life stories, mind-to-mind learning, and reciprocal coauthorship. Adolescence years are influenced by the world and people around them including parents, siblings, teachers and members of the community. These years can be both exciting and scary trying to decide what is best for the future.

“The material that comprises our life stories comes from all directions, contributed by people who care about you, are indifferent to, and feel antagonistic toward the person whose life they are helping to shape”

People I have CoAuthorized With:
  • My Mom
  • My Dad
  • Megan (Sister)
  • Olivia (Sister)
  • Derek (Boyfriend)
  • Mrs. Dwyer (3rd grade teacher)
  • Mrs. Williams (6th grade teacher)
  • Mr. Miller (High School Assistant Principal)
  • Emma (Best friend)
  • Lindsay (Cousin)

Everyone has their own life story. The people I have co-authorized with have contributed to my journey of life and the discovery of who I am and who I want to be. My Assistant Principal, Mr. Miller, influenced me in a caring way. Many high school students view Principals as "the bad guys." In my junior and senior year, I became close with my Assistant Principal when there was a shortage in advisory teachers, similar to homeroom, and he assumed that role. Mr. Miller was such a positive role model in my life story and my discovery of wanting to be a positive role model to youth as an adult. No matter how stressed he was or what kind of a day he was having, whenever he entered the room he put everything in his life and work life aside. Mr. Miller brought the students in my advisory room together by allowing us to share the positives and negatives of our days, what our plans were for the future, and allowed us to help plan school events. Mr. Miller was so influential in my life and always challenged me to do better not only as a student but also a person.

    The Construction of Adolescence : Vocabulary
    • Tested Knowledge
    • Theoretical Imagination
    • Construction of Adolescence
    • Inter-psychological Development
    • Scaffolding
    • Zone of Proximal Development
    • Reciprocal Transformation
    • Applied Develop-mentors
    • Meeting of the Minds
    • Theoretical Thinking


    1. Hi Lauren,
      Thanks for your great post! I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and the visual layout of the post. I also liked hearing about the Assistant Principal at your school. It sounds like he was a great person and you had a good relationship with him. I'm glad you had someone like that in your life.
      Take care,

    2. Hi Lauren,
      I really enjoyed reading about your Assistant Principal and how he had played a role in coauthoring your life. The pictures, as stated by Madelin, really do help to give a visual layout along with making it personal. Awesome job!

    3. Mr. MIiller sounds like a great person and you are lucky to have had him in your life. I love how many pictures you used (loved seeing LIV) it really helps us get to know you on a more personal level!