Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Event #1

Morris Farm

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On October 14th, I volunteered to be a chaperone (unpaid) for the Totally Kids Preschool field trip to Morris Farm. The concept of this field trip was to lead with the preschoolers in learning about the farm and its hands on activities. This field trip was student centered learning.

At the farm, the preschoolers were guided in learning about greenhouses, different types of vegetables, and the processes of planting seeds. We were able to touch the different types of plants and vegetables and feel the differences in similar produce. The preschoolers were able to talk about their favorite vegetables and ask questions. We were able to explore the farm and see where the animals are kept, as well as a guided tour on hayride. Petting the horses and feeding the cows was definitely a favorite!

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This was a great learning opportunity for me. Although I work at Totally Kids, I do not work in the Preschool. I work in the After School Program which is in a separate building. I was able to lead with and work with a group of children that I was not used to working with. Working with a younger group of youth can be challenging but also rewarding. The pace of working with a younger group was a little slower but had totally different challenges (like making sure children weren't putting farm objects into their mouths). 

Leading with is a great concept to have when working with a group of younger learners. It is fun to hear them share their ideas, feelings and think in different ways! 

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