Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Youth and the Elections


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As Election Day nears, Americans host their concerns and opinions on the upcoming presidency and what our future will hold. It is important to speak to youth about politics and how to go about picking a president that is best for our country without biases. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. After exploring resources on Rock the Vote and the NYT Blogs, I still feel very unsure about this years candidates and what will be the best option for our country, never mind the concepts that would helpfully guide youth.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both well known public figures before candidacy. Many Americans, like myself, worry about the future of the United States from watching the debates and how they often look like a skit off of SNL

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As elections near, we have to ask ourselves questions
-Why do we only have a two-party system?
-Why is this election more personal than about policy?
-Why are we electing one of the two people that have trouble telling the truth?
-Why is a sitting president allowed to campaign for a particular candidate on tax payer money?
-How is someone who is careless with classified information allowed to continue to receive info?
-Why does the media not report on issues?

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Why vote?
-Gives you a voice!
-Love for your country!
-Concern for the future of your country!
-Regardless of personal feelings over either candidate, they are going to be in control and we need representation of how the people feel!

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Do I feel well informed?
I do not feel well informed from this years candidates. Many debates have shown the two candidates true colors and how they would rather "one up" each other than run our country. I am not sure if either one of these candidates has what it takes to be a positive role model and leader. This years candidates have made me shy away from the voting booth because I am totally confused and unsure. It is hard to have a voice when both candidates voices are not what is needed to be heard.


  1. Hi Lauren,

    I really like your blog, I really like those questions you posted what we should be asking ourselves. NICE BLOG

  2. Thanks for sharing Lauren. I too agree that this years campaign and debates are absolutely ridiculous. Both candidates are lashing out on each other, or even making each other look bad/defending themselves and where they stand (mostly trump).