Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Event #2

Totally Kids:
 Haunted Gym with a Secret Asylum

Every year, Totally Kids hosts a Halloween party. This is Totally Kids biggest event and it helps keep Bright Star ratings. This is a volunteer event, but participation is needed in order to be successful. Youth are encouraged to dress up and participate in all games and activities.

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This years event took place on October 21st. Set up began on the 19th. Staff members host this event for the youth in both the after-school program as well as the preschool. The event and set-up are both lengthy processes. The gym set-up is very elaborate; sheets need to be hung and props need to be strategically placed by themes. Apart from the gym, the main school age room needed to be rearranged to host guests as well as decorated. Staff members are given roles as characters in the haunted gym, gym tour guides, socializing with parents, helping with food and games. This is a fun event for the kids of all ages whether they want to go into the haunted gym or not. 

The concept of this event is to allow youth to actively participate in an event that is produced for them. They are able to play hands on and have fun out of their normal elements. 

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